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 Verification Tool Description...
  • The pre-installation verification tool is an exe file that can be loaded onto the AirWatch app servers and will perform standard checks on the local machine, to the DB, and to the internet to ensure that the environment meets the VMware AirWatch Pre-Reqs.
  • Once installed, certain information is required, such as DB server and username/PW, and once entered takes you through the checks and presents the results in the application. Should it need to be shared there is an export option that creates an Excel file.
  • There is also additional functionality tests related LDAP, SMTP, Exchange, SSRS, and PKI




 Description of tool...

Once the app is installed on the affected device, you will see the above screen on opening it. Tap on the Settings button in the top-right corner (highlighted in the screenshot)

Change the email address in the “Send to” field to your email address to ensure you can get the report generated by the application. Then, go back to the homescreen of the app and click on “Send Device Information”. Click through the prompts, and you will receive an email containing a text file attachment. Open the attachment in a text editor (preferably Notepad++) - you will see a block of text as shown below.

If an Android device is compromised (as detected by the AirWatch Agent), you will see the “Is Rooted” entry will have a value of “true”. Furthermore, a Reason Code will be displayed - these codes have unique values corresponding to the reason a device is detected as compromised by the AirWatch Agent.

Windows 10

Windows Phone

SSL Checkers

EAS Troubleshooting Tools

  • Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer
    ActiveSync, LDAP and O365 Connectivity Tool
    The tool can identify: Host connectivity and name resolution (DNS) problems, Exchange Server/ActiveSync configuration issues, etc.

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