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My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Changing an administrator's password

Changing an administrator's password requires first getting the CoreUserID for that user, and then updating the password and password salt for that user in the database.

Getting the CoreUserID

Run the following SQL query to get the CoreUserID for the user.  Make sure to replace <USERNAME> with the administrator's username.  If more than one result are returned, make sure you identify the right entry.

Select * from CoreUser where UserName = '<USERNAME>';

Updating the password and password salt

The following query will update the administrator's password.  Make sure to replace <COREUSERID> with the proper CoreUserID identified in the first section.  Have updating the password, log in with the account and reset the password to something else.

-- This Updates the password to 'a123b456c789'
UPDATE CoreUser SET Password = 'c2otxl1SURGxVibCX1K9IJvyizYl4ylnIIfXhwNtfe1iCuuVM8LNPK1oWWSwE3C3BB3AYxspGqrfXaVnryxjzw==' ,
PasswordSalt = '6eklCHP5ixaMT9RREfQbmi4Z2jc=' WHERE CoreUserID = <COREUSERID>

-- This Updates the password to 'Password123!'
UPDATE dbo.CoreUser SET Password = 'awhash4:IGdeYQ7eaHqyh3g6RelU0zkbHjoRW111/dg2xyqjiK0=:100000:K91XOTYtcw/20ZxDOUm7pe3DVLFA3XrzuUAYtWdl21M=' WHERE UserName = 'Administrator'

Account lock-out

Check IsLockedOut flag - it must be set to 0 for active/unlocked account.

UPDATE dbo.CoreUser SET IsLockedOut = 0 WHERE UserName = 'Administrator'
UPDATE dbo.CoreUser SET LastLoginAttempts = 0 WHERE UserName = 'Administrator'