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My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Failed to extract custom package message

Console installer needs to be extracted to the root disk C:\

AirWatch Services are not started before timeout

  1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
  3. In the right pane, locate the ServicesPipeTimeout entry.

**Note**: If the ServicesPipeTimeout entry does not exist, you must create it. To do this, follow these steps:

 - On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.

 - Type ServicesPipeTimeout, and then press ENTER.

4. Right-click ServicesPipeTimeout, and then click Modify.

5. Click Decimal, type 60000 (default is 30000, use numbers from 60000 to 125000), and then click OK.

 - This value represents the time in milliseconds before a service times out.

6. Restart the computer.

Database is not getting updated

SQL update fails with error:

 Error log...

InstallShield 19:06:17: CallScriptFunctionFromMsiCA() ends, result 0x643

CustomAction AWRunSQLPackageCMD returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

Action ended 19:06:17: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

1: Processing the SQL connection 'NewSQLConnection1'...

1: Determining if there is at least one SQL script scheduled to execute under the connection...

1: The SQL script 'SqlScript.sql' is not scheduled to execute. Script Execution=, Action=Rollback, Component State=Install, Schema=

1: No SQL scripts scheduled to execute under the connection...Skip.

1: Skip the SQL connection 'NewSQLConnection1'. There is no script to execute under this connection.


MSI (c) (34:30) [19:06:23:697]: Product: AirWatch Database -- Installation operation failed.

Answer of AirWatch Support - "this sometimes happens, you need to re-launch the installer one more time" (sic!).

AirWatch Self-Service Portal gives error

"HTTP error 503: The service is unavailable"

The Self Service Portal has an associated App Pool in IIS. If the App Pool is not started we see this error.

Ensure that the SSP App Pool is started in IIS.

Log collection

See AirWatch Services and Devices log collection page