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My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Device operation sequence

A. AirWatch server sends out a PUSH notifications to device:

  • AirWatch prepares command, stores in command queue (SQL)
  • AirWatch sends check-in request to Messaging Service, one of the following:
    1. Google Cloud Messaging: formerly C2DM (Cloud 2 Device Messaging) deprecated 2012 →  Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) deprecated April 2019 → Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
    2. Internal message bus for Android & Windows devices: AirWatch Cloud Messenger (AWCM)
    3. Message bus for iOS: Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)
  • Messaging Service relays check-in request to managed device
  • Managed device checks into MDM server
  • MDM Server delivers commands to device, one-by-one

B. Device performs the commands;

C. Device contacts AirWatch server to report the result of the last commands and request new commands, if any.

Command Queue

Every pending command is in SQL database:

SELECT * FROM deviceCommandQueue.DeviceQueue;

Every processed command is in SQL database:

SELECT * FROM deviceCommandQueue.DeviceQueueAudit;

Commands description is in SQL database:

SELECT * FROM deviceCommandQueue.DeviceQueueCommand;

Command statuses in SQL:

SELECT * FROM deviceCommandQueue.DeviceQueueStatus;
 Basic command types & statuses...

Device Management commands

  • Lock device
  • Query device
  • Send Message to device

Application commands

  • Install
  • Removal
  • Settings

Profile commands

  • Install
  • Removal

Normal Command Status Flow

1 = Queued

2 = Pending

3 = Processed

7 = Held (if batching is enabled)

Troubleshooting Command Logs

Device Services (DS) server (front-end communication with managed device) logs:

  • DeviceServicesLogs (C:\AirWatch → Logs  DeviceServices)
  • InterrogatorQueueService (C:\AirWatch  Logs  Services)

Console (CN) server (communication with external services: APNs, GCM/FCM, AWCM, ACC etc.) logs:

  • MessengingServiceLog (C:\AirWatch  Logs  Services)
  • BulkProcessingServiceLog (C:\AirWatch  Logs  Services)
  • SchedulerServiceLog (C:\AirWatch  Logs  Services)

Targeted logging: AirWatch console → Device Details → More → Targeted Logging