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So basically I said it all in the title: I had recently several questions from customers and partners about ENS needing a public certificate. The official docs are very vague on this topic, and I sincerely thought ENS does not need one, since logically ENS is supposed to take new E-Mail notifications from some Exchange and send it via Apple Cloud as a PUSH-notification to the mobile device.

In reality this is not totally true: before ENS starts to send notifications, it needs to register a device for it to be a subscriber of future notifications. The ENS cannot send the subscription data itself in a PUSH message. What it can send is a request to go visit itself and register a subscription. So the device receives a PUSH message and goes to ENS for to make a subscription. And since it goes to ENS, this means ENS has to be published to Internet, and it has to have a valid public certificate installed into IIS Bindings.

Read more on ENS troubleshooting in my KB article and tread lightly in the MDM infrastructure!

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