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LetsEncrypt public certificates from Mozilla Foundation are cool, but updating every 3 months can be a pain. There are several ways to automate, and the latest I discovered is to outsource this procedure: turns out there is a DNS-provider  who do the procedure for you. Just download the brand new certificates every 3 months and insert them where they should be, without additional fuss. Sometimes it takes some conversion to insert the certificates properly. I have written a couple of articles to find the conversion commands fast: one for IDM certificates, and a paragraph on securing Nginx reverse-proxy with certificates on my other portal.

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  1. Anonymous

    I might transfer my domains o Thanks Alex for that.

    As for the certificate conversion and general management I've found a cool tool called XCA Certificate and Key Management:

    It's available on Mac/Linux/Windows and it really helps me managing my certs. They could add LetsEncrypt integration though.



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