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Lately I had a heated dialogue with Citrix tech guys in one of our clients about publishing of their apps. It seems there are two ways to integrate Citrix with Identity Manager:

  1. Use Storefront - the Citrix web portal in front of the XenApp farm. IDM can impersonate a user, go to Storefront using its' access policy, and it will present what the user can see. This method is seen as more secure by Citrix engineers, and it leaves their policies alone, and Storefront in control of the user access policies. So this is the default way they recommend to do the integration;
  2. Use direct Powershell access of IDM into the Citrix broker. This gives IDM admin access into Citrix XenApp farm and collects the full app list. Then IDM presents a subset of this list to the users based on its' own access policy. In this method, IDM acts as the central corporate portal, and basically circumvents Storefront, making it obsolete.

So it is a matter of political decision and who is taking the responsibility for either keeping Citrix in a separate silo, or fully integrating it into a central system. Either way, it is a tough choice!

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