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AirWatch applications and SDK check the system for compromised (jailbreak/root) status. When they uncover by some symptoms that the device was compromised, this status is transmitted to the Console, and an action is taken. Or not. There is a switch tucked away in the depths of settings, which allows AirWatch to ignore Compromised devices.

It is in Settings → Apps → Settings and Policies → Security Policies.

Usually this option is enabled and in normal situation (and production environment!) it should be enabled. But I have encountered several times situations, when some strange rugged devices from China needed to be tested, and AirWatch reported outright, that they were "compromised", and did not even allow enrollment. With this switch turned DISABLED, you can enroll a compromised device and manage it as normal. The only downside to this being that this option is switched for all devices in the Organization Group, so best choice is to have a separate Test group for such devices.