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This week I had some "good old days" experience with Horizon deployment at a customer site. For the last couple of years all I did were AirWatch pilots, so it was a refreshing thing to check out what's up in the latest Horizon by myself. As always, it all starts with sending deployment requirements to the customer, and usually they say "we prepared everything" and in reality ignore 95% of what you ask them to do upfront.

This time I had more or less a responsible customer, but trouble came from the "Golden image" they promised to prepare for the pilot. I did not think about double-checking the distrib they used and we installed Horizon agent without a second thought. And after a reboot Windows just crashed into blue-screen with total corruption of its' boot procedure.

- Where did you take this image from, guys?
- Well, we downloaded it from somewhere, but it's Windows10, right? It's brand new thing, and we even patched it!

Well it turned out the "brand new" Windows10 was actually build 1511. And patching it did not help, they just mutually don't like each other with Horizon. So a note for future - besides all the other stuff, always check the Win10 build the customer used for their gold image. VMware has a KB on this right here - 

Happy deploying!

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