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Issue symptoms

  • Access to VDI using UAG and Blast HTML fails - "The connection to the remote computer ended";
  • Access to broker admin console using IP in the URL or some DNS alias or short name fails;
  • Access to broker via load-balancer using Blast HTML fails.


Horizon Connection Server has origin checking turned on.


  • Use RDP to access Horizon Connection Server system Windows Server
  • Go to folder C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\sslgateway\conf and create a file
  • In the file write one of the following:


This will turn off Origin checking for all sources. Good for PoC.

portalHost=<UAG appliance FQDN>

This will whitelist the UAG, which serves as proxy.

balancedHost=<Load balancer name>

This will whitelist the load balancer installed before UAGs.

  • Restart Horizon Connection Server system Windows Server
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