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  • Download latest version of OVFTool for Windows on VMware {code};
  • Install OVFTool on admin Windows machine;
  • Download target version of UAG and uagdeploy PowerShell scripts bundle for your version of Unified Access Gateway - place all of this on admin machine in C:\UAGs folder;
  • (optional) If you have an existing UAG appliance, download an INI with config from the UAG Administrator page;
  • Extract uagdeploy bundle. Copy and edit one of the downloaded .ini files, like uag2-advanced.ini;
  • Launch PowerShell Cmd with Administrator permissions;
  • Allow unsigned Powershell commands, execute:
set-executionpolicy remotesigned
  • Change folder to C:\UAGs and launch script:
.\uagdeploy.ps1 -iniFile .\test_UAG.ini
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the root password, and later web admin password for the UAG appliance. Make sure the passwords meet password complexity requirements;
  • For fingerprinting vCenter address in Windows hosts file, choose yes;
  • For CEIP, enter yes or no;
  • For .pfx files, if included in the configuration, you’ll be prompted to enter the password for the .pfx file. Note: the .pfx file must be local, not UNC;
  • OVF Tool will prompt you for the vCenter password. Special characters in the vCenter password must be encoded. Use a URL encoder tool to encode the password. Then paste the encoded password when prompted by the ovftool.
UAG passwords do not need encoding, but the vCenter password does.

Example INI file:

  File Modified
File test_uag2.ini Jun 03, 2021 by Alex Rybalko

In OVFTool 4.4.0+, you must omit the :PASSWORD part in the target= value in the PowerShell .ini file otherwise the vCenter password entered while running uagdeploy.ps1 will not be accepted. e.g. instead use the form target=vi://administrator@vsphere.local@ :PASSWORD in the target line works with OVFTool version 4.2.0.

Hints on vCenter target= path

Upper/lower case MATTERS!


# MyDatacenter - datacenter name
# /host/ - MUST be included BEFORE cluster, host, folder names
# TEST_Folder - all folders/subfolders MUST be included
# Main - cluster name 
# esxi01.lab.local - ESXi host name, where UAG will be deployed

Do NOT place a password in cleartext in this line, then you will be offered to enter it with secure characters on script execute.