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To verbose the AWCM logs, please perform the following steps:

  1. Open the logback.xml file. The path to access the file:\AirWatch\AirWatch x.x\AWCM\config\logback.xml.
  2. Search for the following:
    • <logger name="com.airwatch" level="info" />
    • <logger name="com.airwatch.awcm.jvm" level="info" />
    • <logger name="" level="info" />
  3. Change the state from error to debug.
  4. Save the file and restart the AWCM services.

Once the issue is reproduced, return logging level back to info and restart the AWCM services. Or the AWCM disk may overflow with logs.

FolderLog nameDescription



Contains information on AWCM such as status, history, properties, and additional sub-services.



Contains log information on AWCM Java service wrapper.

ACC Logs

Use these steps below to verbose ACC logs:

  •  On the ACC server navigate to \AirWatch\AirWatch #.#\CloudConnector\Bank#\
  •  #.# will be the AirWatch version you are using, if there are multiple choose the most recent.
  •  ACC utilizes two distinct banks: one active and one is used for installation of automatic updates. If you are unsure of which bank is active, make changes to the CloudConnector.exe.config file in each bank. If one bank is empty or does not have the file, it is not the active bank.
  •  Edit the CloudConnector.exe.config lines:
    • level = "Verbose"
    • tracingEnabled = "true"
      <loggingConfiguration filePath="..\..\Logs\CloudConnector\CloudConnector.log" tracingEnabled="true" level="Verbose" logFileRollSize="10240" maxArchivedFiles="20"/>
  •  Locate the log by looking at the filePath attribute from the line above. The path is included below as well \AirWatch\Logs\CloudConnector\CloudConnector.log
  • ACC doesn't need to be restarted to pick up the logging level configuration change.

Console Services (CS)

To enable verbose logging for console and scheduler services, please perform the following steps: