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Network settings and interfaces

Settings are stored in /etc/systemd/network/ folder, 10-eth0-network.config,  10-eth1-network.config, 10-eth2-network.config files.

Admin password

There are two passwords to configure when deploying.


After the restart which the last command orders, the page is available again and you can log on instantly.


HTML Access won’t work through Unified Access Gateway unless you disable Origin Check or configure the Connection Server’s with the Access Point addresses.


where load-balancer-name is the hostname used in the URL by the remote access user. e.g.

Disable Secure Tunnel

By default, internal Horizon Clients connect using Blast or PCoIP to virtual desktops by tunneling through a Horizon Connection Server. It would be more efficient for the internal Horizon Clients to connect directly to the virtual desktops.