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Unlike all other WS1 SDK-enabled Apps, Boxer has two different approaches to restrict Copy&Paste:

1. At the Assignment stage in More Email Settings, there is a Copy Paste setting. As a result, copy&paste functions will be denied in ANY directions

2. If you need to do more granular restriction you need to implement this on SDK profile

  • Recommended to set Native Boxer DLP capability to Unrestricted. It can be Restricted for potential more secure way, but SDK settings must be enabled after this settings
  • The Boxer App must be published with SDK-profile enable. We use the Default profile, but it should work with Custom SDK-profile as well
  • Before actual install Apps on devices, you need setup SDK-profile: Authentication Type =/= Disable; SSO must be enabled
  • In DLP section (SDK-profile) you may enable Copy&Paste Into to get user possibility to copy from unmanaged messengers/notes/etc into Boxer e-mails

As a result, copy&paste functions will be denied only in the desired way: into or out from managed Apps