GPS History Table

  • GPS Poll Time Interval - X mins (configured in AirWatch Console, for example, in Android Agent settings)
  • Data Transmit Interval - Y mins

Privacy settings for “GPS Data” needs to be set to Collect and Display for required device Ownership type.

The samples which are transmitted by the Agent as per the Y interval are all stored in the database in the dbo.GPSLog table. To see if any samples have been reported for your specific device, use the following query:

SELECT * from dbo.LogSample (nolock) ls
inner join dbo.GPSLog (nolock) gl
on ls.logsampleID = gl.logsampleid
WHERE deviceid = ####

Under device details > Location tab on console, not all location data points will be reported:

  • Consecutive duplicate samples will not be reflected

    Consecutive samples which are not at least 100 ft. apart will not be listed corresponding to the particular time-stamp as can be seen in the DB.

Insert GPS History directly

Copy GPS coordinates from one device to another:

select * from device where Name like '%User01%' --deviceID = 7
select * from device where Name like '%User02%' --deviceID = 52
Insert dbo.LogSample ([DeviceUid] ,     [IpAddress] ,[SampleTime],[TransmitTime] ,[DeviceID] )
--[LogSampleID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
             [DeviceUid] ,[IpAddress] ,[SampleTime],[TransmitTime] ,
             52--[DeviceID] ,
       from dbo.LogSample  ls where deviceId = 7 and LogSampleID =8
select *  from dbo.LogSample  ls where deviceId = 52 --LogSampleID =9
Insert dbo.GPSLog ( [LogSampleID] ,[SampleTime],[Latitude] ,[Longitude] ,[Elevation] ,[Speed] ,
[Note] ,[LatitudeInternal] ,[LongitudeInternal] ,[ElevationInternal] ,       [SpeedInternal]
--,    [RowVersion]
       select 9 ,--[LogSampleID] ,      
             [SampleTime],[Latitude] ,[Longitude] ,  [Elevation] ,[Speed] ,[Note] ,[LatitudeInternal] ,[LongitudeInternal] ,     [ElevationInternal] ,     
[SpeedInternal] --, [RowVersion]
       from dbo.GPSLog  gl where LogSampleID in (select  LogSampleID from dbo.LogSample  ls where deviceId = 7and LogSampleID =8)