Password Reset

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❗️The admin user password must be at least 12 characters in length.

SSH User Password Change

Connect to WS1 Access Appliance by SSH, run command:

passwd sshuser

Web Console Admin Password Reset

  1. Log in to the URL as a root user: https://ApplianceFQDN:8443/cfg/changePassword

  2. Access WS1 Access using ssh (sshuser password needed), do su and use this command to reset password:

  • Admin console site:

/usr/sbin/hznAdminTool setOperatorPassword --pass newsecretpassword
  • Configurator page:

/usr/sbin/hznAdminTool setSystemAdminPassword --pass newsecretpassword

Root User Password Reset

WS1 Access works on VMware PhotonOS variation of Linux. It has a Single User Mode.

  1. Go to vCenter Server list of VMs;
  2. Right-click the affected WS1 Access OVA and click Open Console;
  3. Under the VM menu, click Power->Shut Down Guest;
  4. When the shutdown completes, Power On the WS1 Access Appliance;
  5. When the GNU GRUB menu displays, press p and enter the configured bootloader password = ⭐️ H0rizon! ⭐️ ; ❗️GRUB menu appears for a few seconds. If you miss it, reboot and try again;
  6. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the first entry, and press e to edit the relevant boot parameters;
  7. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the line beginning with kernel and press e to edit;
  8. The cursor is at the end of the line, type a space and then append init=/bin/bash to the line;
  9. Press Enter to confirm the changes;
  10. Press b to execute the boot;
  11. After boot, you have ROOT access and you are able to set new passwords, for root: passwd and for sshuser: passwd sshuser; ❗️Follow password policies on new passwords!
  12. Shutdown by using command: shutdown -h -P now; ❗️VMware Tools do NOT work in Single User Mode, so shutdown from vCenter will NOT work;
  13. Start WS1 Access Appliance.