WS1 Verify Installation

Verify Installation

  • Open AirWatch Console
  • Choose About Airwatch - check the version
  • Check the Site Links: open Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs and look through the links
  • Check the connection with Device Services server with a defined in the install phase external URL, signed with external certificate (type of link: https://<DS_URL>/DeviceManagement/Enrollment  )
  • Check the AWCM component, using link https://<DS_URL>:2001/awcm/status*
  • Check AirWatch services - launch services.msc in Windows Server and check that AirWatch services are Started
  • Check the GEM Inventory Service: go to the AirWatch Console server, in the folder C:\AirWatch\Logs\Services\ and delete the file AirWatchGemAgent.log; open services.msc and restart GEM Inventory Service. New log will either NOT show up, or show up without errors.