Boxer and SCL Restrictions

What needs to be checked to restrict transfer of mail attachments and files transmission between Boxer and SCL for iOS and Android:

1.  To restrict transfer of documents in specific controlled apps, on Organization Group level: a. Allow DLP – SCL-step2 functionality

b.  Search for and add Boxer for iOS/Android – SCL-step3

  1. Next step for devices in Organization Group: a.  Create a new profile for all devices of a group – SLC-step4.

b.  Turn off “Allow documents from managed sources in unmanaged destinations”  – SCL-step5

1.  To restrict transfer of files from SCL into Boxer the file share, connected to SCL, has to be configured in the Security tab - SCL-step6:

a.  Allow Open in Email = OFF b.  Allow Opent in Third Party Apps = ON

2.  Check that in the security profile properties, Enable Composing Email = No (SCL-step7).