Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

To document click-through steps on Windows machines, perform the following:

  • Click on Start > Run and type psr.exe to bring up the Problem Steps Recorder (or PSR, a built-in Windows utility).
  • Click on Start Record to begin capturing steps. Note: PSR captures screenshots of ALL monitors; no scoping.
  • Each Mouse-Click you make captures a screenshot. At any time during the session, click on Add Comment to provide more details about the screen, error, etc.
  • When finished, click Stop Record.
  • Choose where to Save the PSR file – it outputs a zip file containing a pre-compiled HTML (*.mhtml) file with all your screenshots and comments.


To document click-through steps on macOS machines, perform the following:

  • Launch QuickTime Player. You’ll find it in the Other folder within Launchpad.
  • From the QuickTime menu bar, click File > New Screen Recording. Click the red record button.
    • Optionally you may wish to select View > Float on Top before you start recording.
    • Optionally, you can select the upside-down triangle in the record screen to include audio recording during the screen capture for annotation.
    • Click the screen (or Click-Drag to select part of the screen) for recording.
    • When complete, click the Stop button that appears in the menu bar of the screen where you’re recording.
    • Click File > Save (or simply quit QuickTime) to be prompted with a location to save the screen capture. Note: Keep it moving when you record these; they create full-blown movies and the file gets large quickly.