Powershell for MEM

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EMail Architectures

Common Powershell Commands

Initializing a Session

This command is used for AirWatch to initialize a session. The two parameters required as the $creds and the PowerShell endpoint.

> $cred = Get-Credential

> $session = New-PSSession ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri https://<mailserver>/powershell Credential  
$cred Authentication Basic AllowRedirection

> Import-PSSession $session

Look at a user’s basic mailbox information

This command pulls basic information about a mailbox using an email address as the identity.

> Get-CASMailbox identity userguy | fl

Viewing a user’s list of devices

This command will list each device partnered with the CasMailbox.

> Get-ActiveSyncDevice mailbox userguy | fl (2010)  
> Get-MobileDevice mailbox userguy | fl (2013+)  

Additional device information

WS1 UEM does not pull from this listing, however, you can find some additional details (ex: when the device last synced) from this table.

> Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics mailbox userguy | fl

Setting ActiveSync Devices to Allowed/Blocked

This is the form of a cmdlet used to issue an Allow/Block command to Exchange. This will insert “DeviceIDX” into the appropriate list.

> Set-CasMailbox identity userguy ActiveSyncAllowedDeviceIDs @{Add = DeviceId1} 
> Set-CasMailbox identity userguy ActiveSyncBlockedDeviceIDs @{Add = DeviceId2}

Selecting specific information or exporting data

This command is helpful when comparing AirWatch data to Exchange data.

> Get-ActiveSyncDevice ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object  
DeviceID, DistinguishedName, DeviceType | Export-CSV  

WS1 UEM with Office 365

Disable the native access in O365 -> redirect to WS1 UEM First-time access will be denied, PowerShell command will be sent to O365 to whitelist the device, 2-3min later the email will flow

Set WS1 UEM as IDP to control other ways of accessing (Exchange Web Access, OWA etc)

This lacks some features (encrypt attachments, strip attachments etc), but can be mitigated using Boxer Needs ESC between Cloud AW and On-Prem Exchange

AW-PS Service Account
Remote Shell access to the Exchange Server associated mailbox on the server to issue remote commands

Required PowerShell roles: Mail Recipients Organization Client Access Recipient Policies Settings –> Email –> Email Settings Configure - Direct


  • Configure email over-the-air
  • Block unmanaged devices
  • Discover existing unmanaged devices
  • Require device encryption
  • Prevent compromised devices
  • Block mail client, user, device model or OS
  • Integrate or revoke certificates