REST API Example on Python

Several typical functions of working with REST API:

  • Searching for devices in a tenant
  • Filtering devices by OS (Win/Linux)
  • Getting a list of tags for the tenant
  • Scanning a file with list of Notebook/Smartphone/Tablet serial keys, then checking if enrolled devices have such serials, and writing the result in a file

Default tags have ID 1-8. User-created tags have ID=10000+

  • Assigning devices to a chosen tag

Code is for Python version 3.7+, and is bundled into a dataclass as methods, with error-catching and logging support.

Link to code on GitHub.

'''Version 0.3
Created by Alexei Rybalko aka Aagern.
import requests, json, base64, logging, sys
from dataclasses import dataclass
from pprint import pprint
logging.basicConfig(filename="DeviceControl.log", level=logging.DEBUG,
class DeviceControl:
    API_URL: str = 'https://mdm.example.local'
    API_Key: str = 'oxGI6OORljw/Qsql1OFBycjHvzQzEXVXa/tyEcCfIPI='
    API_User: str = 'defaultDomain\\api_user:VMware1!'
    Serials_File: str = 'S.csv'
    Output_File: str = 'DeviceSerials.csv'   
    API_User_B64 = base64.b64encode(API_User.encode('utf-8'))  # convert to Base64
    API_User_UTF8 = API_User_B64.decode('utf-8')
    Platforms = {'Windows':12,'Linux':21}
    Header = {"Authorization": "Basic " + API_User_UTF8, "aw-tenant-code": API_Key, "Accept": "application/json"}
    Devices = {}
    Serials = []
    def getMDM(self,request):
        """Get data from MDM Server. Input: API request text. Output: response data in JSON."""
            dataMDM = requests.get(self.API_URL + request, headers=self.Header)
            data = dict(dataMDM.json())
        except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
            logging.error(f'Get request failed with {e}')
        logging.debug(f'Data received from {self.API_URL}')
        return data
    def postMDM(self,request,data):
        """Post data to MDM Server. Input: API request text. Output: HTTP response status and details."""
            responseMDM = + request, headers=self.Header, json=data) # Important to do json= here, rather than prepare data with json.dumps()
        except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
            logging.error(f'Post request failed with {e}')
        logging.debug(f'Data sent to {self.API_URL}')       
        return responseMDM
    def scanSerialsFile(self,file=Serials_File):
        """Input file with device serials. Output list of serials from file"""
            with open(file,encoding='utf-8') as f:
                for serial_line in f:
                    Serials[0] = Serials[0][1:] # Omitting special symbol at file start
                logging.debug(f'Serials file {file} processed.')
        except OSError as e:
            logging.error(f'File opening error with {e}')
            print('File not opened. Serials list empty')
            self.Serials = []
        return self.Serials
    def filterDevices(self,platform='Windows'):
        Method filters out Devices by Platform.
        Inputs: Platform name.
        Outputs: File with serials, Dictionary of Device:[Serial,ID]
        PlatformID = self.Platforms[platform]
        dataDict = self.getMDM('/api/mdm/devices/search')
        for device in dataDict['Devices']:
            if device['PlatformId']['Id']['Value'] == PlatformID:
                self.Devices[device['DeviceFriendlyName']] = [device['SerialNumber'] if device['SerialNumber'] else 'Not set',device['Id']['Value']]
            with open(self.Output_File,mode="wt",encoding='utf-8') as output_file:
                for device,serial in self.Devices.items():
                    if serial in Serials: print("Registered\n",file=output_file)
                    else: print("NOT Registered\n",file=output_file)
                logging.debug(f'Output file {self.Output_File} written.')
        except OSError as e:
            logging.error(f'File opening error with {e}')
            print('File not written.')
        return self.Devices
    def getMDMTags(self,tenant='570'):
        """Get all tags in tenant. Input: tenant ID. Output: list of tags and their IDs."""
        tagsDict = self.getMDM(f'/api/system/groups/{tenant}/tags')
        for tag in tagsDict['Tags']:
    def setTagDevices(self,tagID='10000',DeviceIDs=['3']):
        """Method assigns devices to tag. Input: tag id, devices ID list. Output: total  of assigned devices"""
        FuncDeviceIDs = { "BulkValues":{"Value":DeviceIDs}}
        response = self.postMDM(f'/api/mdm/tags/{tagID}/adddevices',FuncDeviceIDs)
        print(f'Status code: {response.status_code}, \n {response.text}')
# Examples of usage
Device = DeviceControl()
data = Device.filterDevices()