Packet Sniffing

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Use Fiddler. Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy server tool (local MitM-attack) which logs HTTP(S) (with decryption, using fake certificate) traffic to quickly obtain all network communications to and from the device.


  • Download and install Fiddler on Windows 10 client device

  • Run Fiddler, click Cancel to disable warning


  • Select WinConfig button

  • Choose No in “Orphaned Exemption Record Found” message window

  • In “AppContainer Loopback Exemption Utility” window, choose Exempt, then Save Changes, then close the window This setting captures UWP application traffic and setting on Windows 10. By default, Fiddler captures traffic only for Win32 app types.

  • Use Menu Tools → Options…

  • Check Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

  • Confirm all warnings: Yes, Yes, Yes, OK

  • Configure filters: most simple way is to only show traffic from specific hosts

  • Toggle Capture traffic in Menu File → Capture Traffic, OR use F12 hotkey

Traffic Inspection

  • Click Inspectors
  • Select Raw. Because most MDM/IDM communication is in SyncML format, for Windows 10, always select XML.
  • If inspecting HTTPS packets, they may be encoded, the click “Response body is encoded. Click to decode” message.

Enrollment Troubleshooting

The most important sessions which deal with enrollment are the and messages and the authentication traffic in them.